Medical records and patient information are crucial to healthcare systems around the world. MedBlock addresses the fundamental problems of bureaucracy and interoperability challenges currently plaguing healthcare systems globally. MedBlock's blockchain solution holds far-reaching potential to promote the development of precision healthcare, medical research and personalised patient care, placing control and autonomy to the patient through ease of access.


Deploying blockchain based analytics can allow healthcare service providers to offer predictive health scores to patients based on particular disease phenotypes or a combination of conditions, which in turn helps to deliver the most precise, timely, and cost efficient combination of care services. This includes improvement in accurate diagnosis, better identification of health risks and reductions in professional errors.

Data analysis ease, facilitated by blockchain based systems can furthermore help put individual healthcare data into context and make it usable and moreover actionable in translation.



Data will be stored immutably in a secure, private and decentralised network that allows sub-second latency data transfer. Blockchain networks through use of cryptography are far more secure and protected. Data is encrypted into unique hash codes and stored as a chain onto each patient’s individual node or medical data ‘block’. Since each entry is immutably stored it affords tamper proof protection. The blockchain architecture ensures reduced susceptibility to hacks and data breaches through the distributed network nodes that mean single points of failure and attacks would require multiple and simultaneous infiltrations near impossible to make or succeed.



Patient empowerment is one of the key social impacts resulting from MedBlock's proposal. Security is kept with the individual. MedBlock's blockchain solution will enable patients to wield control over their medical record data.

EHR present healthcare delivery systems with scalable opportunities to promote preventive lifestyle programs using tailored outreach and real-time interaction.

Engagement can result in a level of education that empowers patients to seek the right care at the right time.

Homogenised and easily accessible system: MedBlock’s solution enables patients and doctors to interact real-time with updates made to each patient’s medical data ‘block’.

More generally, EHRs on the blockchain can improve communication between healthcare service providers to ensure that there is a clear understanding of who is responsible for process completion (e.g., via task lists) as well as make it clear when one or more measures have not been met for an eligible patient (e.g., via an indicator on a dashboard).




MedBlock's blockchain solution negates the need for traditional paper trails, providing efficiencies and improvements to traditional databased healthcare businesses. The MedBlock solution connects existing systems to blockchain based networks, enabling the automation of arbitrary business processes using the data and identities of those existing systems.
Such disruption to traditional significantly better than a conventional centralised systems needing to limit the number of providers for a wide range of patient needs due to effort required to manage the access and liabilities. The need for third party ensurers and intermediaries in data transfer are made redundant


Economic scaling — Blockchain databases and their potential for economic scaling may be benefited through eliminating the cost of intermediation.

Reduced procedural hurdles — Blockchain technology fundamentally reduces data handling hurdles by allowing, when a problem emerges, for costless verification of all the attributes that can be stored effectively on a distributed ledger (ie timestamp of a data entries and other parameters) and thus efficiently self-audit.


Time efficiency — The maximum throughput or maximum rate at which the blockchain can confirm transactions promises sub-latency speed. A transaction is considered confirmed once added verifiably to the block. Data retrieval may be accomplished securely and directly.

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